Secure File Transfer (SFTP) Server

In addition to SSH Terminal Access and Web Publishing, PowerShell Server can be used to easily add secure file transfer (SFTP server) capabilities to Windows. PowerShell Server is a SFTP Server which works out of the box with minimal configuration. For advanced scenarios, control over items such as algorithms and authentication methods are supported. You can also extend functionality through custom scripts.

SFTP Server Features

  • PowerShell Enabled SFTP Server
  • Zlib Transfer Compression.
  • AES & 3DES Encryption.
  • Public Key and Password Authentication.
  • IPV6 Addressing Support.
  • FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography
  • Windows User Management

What is ‘PowerShell-Enabled’ Secure FTP

PowerShell Server is configured through PowerShell script that provides hooks into all of the most common events associated with SFTP connection and file transfer. As a result it is easy to extend and integrate the SFTP capabilities of PowerShell server with back-end systems for messaging, automation, authentication, and more.

For example, suppose that an administrator would like to log, email, or send an instant message of some kind when a file has been uploaded. The administrator could insert script into the FileClose configuration event and execute custom PowerShell script to add this feature.

                function Confirm-FileClose($sftpArgs) {
	                # $sftpArgs.connectionId: connection id
	                # $sftpArgs.user: username
	                # $sftpA	rgs.path: file or directory virtual path
	                # $sftpArgs.statusCode: operation result
	                # $sftpArgs.physicalPath: physical path of the opened file

	                $sftpArgs.statusCode = $SSH_FXS_OK
	                # Perform script or custom action…

This powerful extensibility enables all kinds of integration opportunities. For example, instead of serving files from the file system, PowerShell Server could act like a virtual file system by retrieving and serving files from another source, like a SQL database. Almost every facet of the SFTP Server is configurable and extensible through PowerShell.